War Week 3: Update

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Guild War Beta the past couple weeks and we can't thank you all enough for providing feedback. Because most of the feedback we’re seeing can be addressed with balancing over time, we’re happy to announce that we're taking War out of Beta. Guild War is here to stay!

From here on, we plan to make tuning and balancing changes as frequent as every week. We'll also continue to gather feedback from the community as War evolves and people get more used to playing it. Our first set of tweaks are live for this week's Guild War:


  1. More time per Battle
    • Battles now last up to 24 hours (was 12 hours)
    • Guilds still generate Battle Tickets every 12 hours
    • Why: Some Guilds were losing Battles due to not enough participation. This change allows Guilds with members in different time zones to win more Battles, without penalizing active Guilds. 
  2. More Laurels for attacking (versus defending)
    • Making an successful attack is now worth 10 Laurels (was 3)
    • Making a failed attack is now worth 5 Laurels (was 1)
    • Surviving lineups on defense are still worth 3 Laurels each
    • Why: We want to award participation in War, so we bumped up the Laurels for attacking, making attacking clearly more valuable than defending. 
  3. Recommended target improvements
    • Previous recommendation including total power of Fight in calculation
    • Updated version only looks at power of enemy Guild member
    • This is a client change in update 2.1.4, which will be released today


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