Update 2.1 Notes


  • New Heroes: Storm Drake, Wild Satyr, Skeleton King (March Signin Hero)
  • New Enemies: Doom 'Shroom & Skeledeer
  • New VIP bonuses for Titan Temple and Boss Pit
  • Foam Finger gets Team Level 90, Orange Items, Orange Heroes, Legendary Quests and Legendary Skills! (Coming to other servers soon)
  • Guild War (We are testing a guild PvP feature for one week)
  • Snow has melted away (along with Yeti's hat)

1) Guild War

Guild War is an epic week-long event during which Guilds brawl in up to 12 Battles against other Guilds. The all-out War rewards success and persistence as Guilds vie for the top ranks to earn glory and prizes!

2) Legendary Quests & Skills

Upon reaching Orange, certain heroes unlock an epic 3-part quest to achieve their legendary Skill. More Legendary Hero Skills will be added each release!

  • Brozerker
    • “True Brovado”: Shielded allies gain extra energy every time one of Bro's shields is attacked.
  • Polemaster
    • “Super Bust a Move”: His "Bust a Move" now reduces foe attack damage and dodge by an extra percentage. He also automatically "Busts a Move" after using his "Wicked Beats".
  • Snap Dragon
    • “Thrill of the Hunt”: Whenever he kills someone with his active skill, he heals health and gains attack speed for a limited duration.
  • Dust Devil
    • “Brush Fire”: Does more damage to foes who are stunned.
  • Catapult Knight
    • “Mine Field”: Enemies take more damage for each percent of increased attack speed they have.
  • Medusa
    • “Cold Storage”: She and her team can now store extra energy past their max energy.
  • Ninja Dwarf
    • “Gut Punch”: Redirects a percentage of the damage done against him to his ally with the highest max health.
  • Dark Dracul
    • “Dark Affliction”: Deals more damage to a foe for every 1% of health remaining the foe has.
  • Faith Healer
    • “Renewal”: Team gains <x> health at the end of each stage.

3) New Content


  • 3 New Heroes
    • Skeleton King: Back-line support hero who summons a skeleton deer to tank and attack foes. Skeleton King can also enhance his deer's powers, heal allies and deal magic damage. March Sign-in Hero.
    • Storm Drake: Back-line dragon who wields her storm powers to deal knockback and magic damage to both single and multiple targets. Can be found in Chapter 13 and Gold Chests.
    • Wild Satyr: Front-line support hero who hammers foes with her bell while using her flute to heal allies, stun enemies and deal magic damage. Exclusive Soul Chest Hero.
  • 2 New Enemies
    • Skeledeer: This creepy front-line fiend attacks foes in melee with its hooves.
    • Doom ’Shroom: Maniacal back-line ranged monster that sends out a spray of poisonous spores.
  • Campaign Chapter 13 (Server 1)
    • Introducing “Mount Drakken Summit”, where the air is cold and the enemies colder. After defeating the Rabid Dragon during the ascent of Mount Drakken in Chapter 12, our Heroes venture closer to the summit, where the aerie of the Storm Drake awaits!
    • Hero and Team Level cap increased to 90
    • Orange promotions and a *full* 6-item set of Orange +0 gear now available!
    • 19 new pieces of gear, including the Yodeling Sword and Unicorn Puke.
  • Existing Hero Location Updates
    • Ninja Dwarf moves to Fight Pit Shop from Elite Campaign
    • Groovy Druid moves to Elite Campaign from Expedition Shop
    • Shadow Assassin moves to Elite Campaign from Fight Pit Shop
    • Megataur can now be found in the new War Shop
    • Catapult Knight moves to War Shop from Elite Campaign
    • Dwarven Archer moves to War Shop from Elite Campaign

4) Other Features

  • New VIP perks
    • Level 7: 2x Titan Temple Guild Tokens
    • Level 8: +50% Tokens from Guild War
    • Level 12: Maximum Boss Pit Rewards (always earn the maximum potential rewards from each Boss Pit fight)
  • Hero Promotion Improvements
    • Auto Promote: If you have all the gear, XP potions and the correct Team Level, you will be able to promote with the touch of one button! Do this repeatedly to get new heroes up to snuff.
    • Promotion Prompt: No more accidental promotions! You will now be asked for a confirmation before promotion.
  • Boss Pit Tweaks:
    • Balancing changes across all Bosses and Stages. See below for detailed info.
  • Each boss now has its own thematic music!
  • Orange Gear Scraps added to various locations:
    • Added to certain difficulties of Mountain, Challenges, Titan Temple, and Boss Pit
    • Also added to Shops
  • Soul Chest payouts improved: more soulstones, better gold and XP drops
  • DragonSoul now available in Russian!
  • Enemies now celebrate after you are defeated. Muahaha!


5) Hero Balancing

In 2.1 we are continuing our quest for hero diversity in top hero lineups.

Attack Speed Buffs:

Attack speed buffs were originally designed to enhance the potency of heroes who rely on attack frequency for damage. As currently implemented, they end up making Heroes with powerful one-off Skills extremely powerful. So we’ve removed the Skill cooldown reduction while still allowing these buffs to reduce Skill casting speed.

  • “Attack Speed” buffs (and debuffs) will no longer affect Skill cooldowns

Crimson Witch

We like that she is popular, she is a bit of a stage hog right now. So we’ve made some changes to bring her back in line with other heroes. For “Empower” in particular, we want to keep its signature speed but remove some raw power.

  • Green Skill “Empower”
    • Attack Damage per level decreased to 4/level (down from 5/level)
    • Skill Power per level decreased to 4/level (down from 5/level)
  • Purple Skill “Haste”
    • Agility per level decreased to 1.5/level (from 1.8/level)

Dark Dracul

  • Active Skill “Revenant” no longer has a maximum range
    • This gives a little boost to DD’s signature Skill

Dust Devil:

Dust Devil feels like a poor man’s Medusa. To help distinguish Dust Devil, we are making it easier for him to generate energy. This should hopefully provide an interesting choice between having a fast but short stun and a slow but longer stun.

  • Energy Gain
    • Energy gain from basic attacks and skills increased to 120 (up from 90)

Orc Monk

Orc Monk is a bit of a wimp. His Green Skill “Cleansing Heal” is meant to be one of his defining characteristics. The strength and frequency of this heal means he should be able to keep another tank or hero alive who might otherwise have a hard time surviving or getting their active off.

  • Active Skill “Protect the Innocent”
    • Increased based shield size to 500 (from 200)
    • Increased shield size per level to 150/level (from 75/level)
    • Now has a Skill Power ratio of 1.0
  • Green Skill “Cleansing Heal”
    • Now has a base healing amount of 200
    • Increased healing per level to 60/level (from 30/level)
    • Now has a Skill Power ratio of 1.0
  • Blue Skill “Righteous Shield”
    • Now has a Skill Power ratio of 1.0
  • Purple Skill “Virtue of Necessity”
    • Damage reduction increased at all ranks. (It has a new, more complicated formula.)

Rabid Dragon

Rabid Dragon's crazy storm of damage is something we like. How frequently she does it is not. We are making some small changes to make it a bit harder for her to get her active off.

  • Energy Gain
    • Energy gain from basic attacks reduced to 30 (down from 45)
    • Energy gain from casting Blue Skill "Duck and Cover" removed (down from 90). She still gains energy when she dodges with this skill active.

Savage Cutie

Savage Cutie has always been in need of some buffing and defining for awhile. These changes catapult her firmly into the armor shredding tank role.

  • Active Skill: Gyre and Gimble
    • Now Does Physical - Bashing damage.
      • There is a typo with the in-game skill description.
  • Green Skill: Snicker Snack
    • Now a passive skill that causes all of her attacks to reduce the target's armor.
  • Purple Skill: Vorpal Fury
    • Fixed a bug:  where this was increasing the Strength of the whole team but NOT increasing the starting HP of anyone. Now this only affects Savage Cutie and increases her starting HP.

Snap Dragon

The Snap Dragon's dream has always been to eat his foes... all at once. His new Legendary Skill should help him do that, but we felt like he needed a little more help. We decide to clean up his Active Skill “Schadenfreude” and give him a bit more energy gain.

  • Active Skill: Schadenfreude
    • Can no longer be dodged
    • Does true damage (instead of physical damage)
      • There is a typo with the in-game skill description.
    • Now only triggers when he can kill the target. (Use to only trigger when target was less than 30% HP)
  • Energy Gain
    • Energy gain from basic attacks and skills increased to 120 (up from 90)

Unstable Understudy

Her buffs in 2.1 went a little too far. We like that they make her usable again, but we don't like it when she one shots the whole enemy lineup.

  • Green Skill: Meteor Shower
    • Damage per level decreased to 15/level (down from 20/level)
    • Skill Power Ratio decreased to 1.1 (down from 1.3)

Boss Pit Balancing

  • Aurum
    • All Stages
      • Health increased
      • Melee and coin throw damage decreased
    • Stage 1
      • Time limit now 3 minutes
      • Wind frequency increased, knockback decreased
      • Dark Horse is now Heavy
  • Invokus
    • All Stages
      • Bomb radius increased to hit the entire team
      • Bomb damage decreased
      • Dark Dracul’s active no longer directly applies DoT to Invokus
    • Stage 2
      • Ghost health increased, ghost damage decreased
    • Stage 3
      • Invokus health increased
  • Venusia
    • All Stages
      • Poison spit radius increased to hit the entire team
      • Poison spit damage decreased
    • Stage 1
      • Chew damage decreased
    • Stage 2
      • Jump damage decreased


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