I requested a refund from Google, Apple or Amazon. Why did PerBlue send me an email about disabling my DragonSoul account?

According to the Terms of Use, by playing DragonSoul all players agree to not dispute or charge-back any payments for purchases that have been successfully credited to your account within DragonSoul, since doing so is recognized as an attempt to defraud PerBlue.

Should PerBlue receive notice of any payment disputes or charge-backs for successfully completed purchases which have already been credited to your account, you agree that your account will be temporarily suspended (or disabled) until the payment dispute or charge-back is canceled.

If the dispute or charge-back is not canceled within three days, and the funds from the purchase are reversed by the payment processor, your account will be indefinitely suspended until you re-pay said funds to PerBlue, in addition to any fees charged to PerBlue by the payment processor for having reversed the transaction.


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