Update 14.0 Notes

Update 14.0 - Gnomish Tank, Spiked Vine Tower, and Gnomish Booster Trap

The Gnomes are taking over! They’ve built a tank to help pilfer enemy resources as well as a brand new Trap type that makes nearby defenses more powerful!



  • Halfling Tank Unit
  • Spiked Vine Tower Mode
  • Gnomish Booster Trap
  • New Town Center and related upgrades
  • Improved Treasure Drops
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes


Gnomish Tank Unit

This brand new unit is a formidable Tank that rams itself near enemy walls towards resources. Once dead, the unit explodes and rains down Halflings that will scatter and their plunder Gold and Iron.

  • Deals ground-based splash damage
  • Unit Category: Militia
  • Spawns 30 Halflings (at current Halfling level) when destroyed


Spiked Vine Tower Mode

This new mode for Poison Dart Towers does not have an attack of its own. Instead, it grows Spiked Vines on nearby dead ended Walls. As Walls are destroyed, these powerful spikes shred your enemy’s backline. These Spiked Vines attack nearby ground AND air units!

  • Requires Poison Dart Tower Level 17
  • Spiked Vines can grow on a Wall Segment as far as 8 tiles away
  • Vines can attack up to 3 tiles away
  • Each Vine attack consumes 1 Ammo


Gnomish Booster Trap

This new Trap invented by the Gnomes significantly increases the Attack Speed of Defensive Buildings within its range for a limited time.

  • Supply Cost: 6
  • Range: 3
  • Attack Speed Increase: Lvl1-80% / Lvl2-100%
  • Lasts for: Lvl1 - 15 seconds / Lvl2 - 20 seconds


Town Center 22 and Related Upgrades

New Available Building Upgrades:

  • Barracks Level 24
  • Training Grounds Level 20
  • Ballista Level 23
  • Archer Tower Level 23
  • Trebuchet Level 20
  • Wizard Tower Level 19
  • Wizard Rockets Level 20
  • Poison Dart Tower Level 17
  • Abyssal Spire Level 13
  • Silence Tower Level 11

New Available Unit Research:

  • Brute Level 11
  • Goblin Maniac Level 11
  • Griffin Level 11
  • Healer Level 10
  • Phantom Level 9
  • Fire Demon Level 9
  • Druid Level 9
  • Stone Golem Level 9
  • Martyr Level 8
  • Warlock Level 7
  • Reaper Level 6
  • Lone Wolf Level 5
  • Gladiator Level 4

Improved Treasure Drops

You now have the chance to earn double the number of Trap Supply, Housing Space, and Wall Count in Treasure. (the following is the MAXIMUM amount that you can obtain from treasure chests)

  • 20 Bonus Walls
  • 20 Bonus Housing Space
  • 12 Bonus Trap Supply


Balance Changes

Hot Oil Trap

Hot Oil has been in need of some love. On top of making it stronger and its debuff last longer, we’ve also made it reduce Healing by 90%. Get one of these improved smoldering Hot Oil Traps on a Lone Wolf and you won’t have to worry about its Lifesteal for a short period of time.

  • Doubled Hot Oil debuff duration to 30 seconds
  • More than doubled DPS at max level
  • Trigger and Splash radius increased by 1 tile
  • Reduces Healing by 90% (up from 50%)


Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf has always thrived on being a make or break unit. Its balance has been close and we’ve ultimately been happy with it. However, its Healing has created some new problems recently that are getting worse. It has become more and more common for players to go after significantly weaker Villages using only a single Lone Wolf as the entirety of their Army. This effect is obviously not within the spirit of the game, so we’re making some tweaks (buffs and nerfs) to limit this effect while hopefully still making him a solid and competitive Troop.

  • Lone Wolf’s Lifesteal no longer gains HP for damage done over a building’s remaining HP
  • Lone Wolf Lifesteal has been increased to 80% of damage done to primary target (Up from 20%)
  • Lone Wolf Lifesteal has been increased to 40% of damage done from splash targets (Up from 20%)
  • Enraged Damage is now 400% of his base damage (Up from 300%)
  • Base Damage decreased to 750 (from 1500)


Cluster Trebuchet

  • Projectile count reduced to 3 (from 5)
  • Significant DPS increase across all Levels



  • Significant DPS increase across all Levels above Level 2



  • Max HP increased to 350 (from 200)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes have been made to Troops AI getting stuck on Walls
  • A number of Replay bugs involving Artifacts have been fixed
  • Fixed display issues with Wonder Level 11 Perk
  • Key Forge Perk description has been updated to its new functionality
  • Master Stone Kingdom Quest Rewards now display properly in Quest Menu
  • Small Treasure Xs now spawn properly for Top Players


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