The Diamonds I Bought Were Not Placed Into My Account

When purchasing Diamonds, it may take some time for them to be delivered. Please do not attempt to make a purchase again if you are still waiting. Diamonds should always be delivered to the account that you are playing on at the time of the purchase.

If it has been 24 hours since your purchase, please contact us through the game by taking the following steps:

1. From the main screen, tap on your hero portrait (the circle avatar in the upper left corner).

2. Tap on "Support".

3. Tap on "Payment Issues" and an email will pop up. Please provide a copy of the receipt from your order and information on your situation. Do not edit any of the information that appears automatically in that email, since this is important information about your account that helps us troubleshoot the issue.

Once you submit this issue to us, our Customer Support team will be happy to help!


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