Update 13.2 Notes

Update 13.2 - Player Requested Tweaks and Tons of Bug Fixes (7/13/15)


This update is aimed at making adjustments requested by the majority of players as well as fixing many of the most reported bugs.

It includes tweaks or fixes to the following systems:

  • Artifacts
  • Heroes
  • War Matchmaking
  • Wonders
  • Replays
  • Mithril


Artifacts are more predictable
Several aspects of Artifacts have been changed to make them less based on luck and more predictable.

  • Master Luck Stones have been added to the game. They can be earned through special Kingdom Quests and guarantee that your upgrade will succeed
  • Less randomness will appear in specific Artifacts. The perks that you will are more likely to be of similar types or affect similar parts/Troops of a game.
    • For example: Your Artifacts that you earn will be all offensive or all defensive; or they will contain multiple bonuses for the same Troop or Building


Heroes sleep less
In an effort to make Heroes a more significant part of Greed for Glory gameplay, Hero Sleep Timers have been made significantly shorter. Low level heroes start out with a 1-hour Sleep Timer and max out at a 4-hour Sleep Timer as they are leveled up.


Mithril is Cheaper
You can now purchase Mithril with Diamonds for a lot cheaper.


Mithril Amount

Old Diamond Cost

New Diamond Cost

22.5k Mithril

3,900 Diamonds

933 Diamonds

112.5k Mithril

13,200 Diamonds

3,375 Diamonds

225k Mithril

19,100 Diamonds

6,750 Diamonds

War Matchmaking improvements
The matchmaking formula has been adjusted to hopefully result in more even matches. Several adjustments have been made:

  • Top Kingdoms with high level Wonders will be more likely to be matched with each other
  • Wonders now factor into War Matchmaking to a small extent
  • Kingdoms using a lot of lower level accounts to affect Matchmaking will no longer be able to
  • If a Kingdom Member can’t reasonably participate in the War, they are not factored into the Kingdom Matchmaking Algorithm


Wonder tweaks
Several changes have been made to Wonders based on player requests:

  • Level 11 Wonders have been added
  • Wonder Levels 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10 have had their rarely-chosen Perks buffed
  • Level 10 “Starting War Morale” has been scrapped for “Cursed Shields”
    • “War Shields given to opponents as a result of your attacks are half as long.”
  • The Key Forge Perk has been changed to guarantee Keys after 10 Treasure digs


Replays are more accurate
Almost an entire week was spent on finding discrepancies in Replays. Many issues that caused Replays to not be 100% accurate were found and fixed. The latest improvements to Replays mean they should be more accurate than they ever have been. That being said, Replays will always be a work in progress. Issues are constantly looked into and improved upon. Replays won’t be perfect but they are a lot more accurate than before!


Big Player-Requested Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Lone Wolves now also have a Life Steal effect when Enraged
  • Unit AI (specifically Druids) are less likely to get stuck attacking Walls
  • Fixed some crashes and bugs with switching Hats and Masks
  • Fixed some issues that charged 200 Diamonds to add Hats and Masks
  • Players will be significantly less likely to receive “Village Can Not Be Attacked” errors
  • Kingdom Quest Points no longer incorrectly display for the Members after the first 9
  • Fixed issue with Resource Rush Events not starting correctly after a Raid


Other Changes and Fixes

  • Kingdom Castle Donate Timers can now be reset using Diamonds
  • Wizard Spires now gain more damage at higher levels
  • Artifact upgrade screens now update properly when Artifact upgrades fail
  • The Cheap Alloys Perk (Wonder 7) now correctly lowers training costs
  • Fixed an issue with creating Kingdoms immediately after purchasing Gold
  • Sacred Flame Traps should no longer occasionally miss some Mages
  • Expansion Campaign Achievements should now be accessible for all accounts
  • Fixed some text in Spanish that caused button overlap and poor readability
  • Fixed an issue where it appeared Gold was taken before Crossroads were searched
  • Kingdoms can now be taken over by other members if BOTH the Leader and Regent are inactive for 7 days
  • Kingdom Quest Points no longer incorrectly repeat for players below the top 10
  • A Confirmation Prompt has been added for finishing Hero Upgrades
  • Some bugged Training Ground upgrade requirements have been returned to their original values


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