Update 13.0 Notes

Update 13.0 - Brand new Gladiator unit, Catapult mode, Trap, and Town Center (6/4/15)



  • New Troop: Gladiator
  • New Building Mode: Net Catapult
  • New Trap: Sacred Flame
  • New Town Center and Upgrades
  • Bug Fixes and Other Requested Improvements


New Troop: Gladiator
This mighty unit not only makes powerful attacks on enemy defenses but also deploys nets to temporarily disable enemy units and buildings!

  • Requires Barracks Level 23
  • Can be Upgraded to Level 3
  • Attacks Ground and Air with short-range Tridents
  • Targets Defenses and Troops

The Gladiator’s special ability involves throwing Nets to disable enemy units and buildings:

  • Netted Units and Buildings cannot attack or move
  • Flying Units are brought down and can be targeted by ground defenses
  • Each Net has a cooldown of 6 seconds and lasts for 2.5 seconds

New Ice Catapult Mode: Net Catapult
A powerful defensive building that uses a Net to attack single flying Troops. When a flying Troop is attacked, it is damage by the Net, temporarily disabled, and brought down to the ground to be attack by ground defenses.

  • Requires Level 11 Ice Catapult
  • Changes from an anti-ground defense into an anti-air defense
  • The Net is a single target projectile that behaves similarly to the Gladiator Net
  • Does a small amount of damage when it hits its target

New Trap: Sacred Flame Trap
A new trap that targets Mages with a powerful Sacred Flame shockwave. This shockwave only affects Mages (see new Troop classification below) . Affected mages are silenced and dealt damage over time.

  • Supply Cost: 5
  • Damage Duration: 6 seconds

New Troop Classification System
A new Troop Classification system has been added that puts each unit in one of three groups: Militia, Monster, or Mage. Each group is affected differently by different defensive buildings. This was done to simplify certain effects, make the powers of each defensive building more clear, and add another dimension of diversity in defenses and army compositions.

3 Unit Classifications

  • Militia:
    • Knight
    • Archer
    • Halfling
    • Phantom
    • Runebreaker
    • Amazon
    • Gladiator
  • Monsters:
    • Brute
    • Goblin Maniac
    • Griffin
    • Dragon
    • Fire Demon
    • Stone Golem
    • Vampire
    • Martyr
    • Lone Wolf
  • Mages:
    • Wizard
    • Healer
    • Druid
    • Warlock
    • Reaper
    • Storm Mage
    • Ghost Shaman

How different buildings and units are affected by the new classification:

  • Scarecrow Traps now only trigger on and fear Monsters
  • Amazon Towers now do double damage to Militia
  • Silence Towers now only silence Mages
  • Lone Wolf now gains a buff when he is the only Monster nearby (instead of the only unit)
  • Wizards have been given a more powerful fireball ability triggering every 10 seconds



Town Center Level 21 and Related Upgrades

New Building Upgrades:

  • Barracks Level 23
  • Ballista Level 22
  • Sniper Ballista Level 22
  • Archer Tower Level 22
  • Amazon Tower Level 22
  • Trebuchet Level 19
  • Cluster Trebuchet Level 19
  • Wizard Spire Level 18
  • Reaper Spire Level 18
  • Wizard Rockets Level 19
  • Poison Dart Tower Level 16
  • Abyssal Spire Level 12
  • Lunar Tower Level 12
  • Silence Tower Level 10
  • Training Grounds Level 19


Additional Changes

  • Building Costs Increases have been changed for 13.0
    • In addition to lowering previous costs, we are not increasing 13.0s max level costs on most buildings
    • No new Gold or Iron Storage Upgrades will be required!
  • The reveal time has been slightly reduced on Flare Traps
  • Hot Oil Trap damage has been increased significantly at Max Level
  • Knight HP has been increased
  • Halfling HP has been slightly increased
  • Brute HP has been increased significantly
  • Druids and Shaman that are silenced will now have their effects canceled
  • The Savage Heroes and War of Rivals Expansions have been retired
  • Crossroads now search for bigger resource amounts based on TC Level


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Artifacts to disappear
  • Fixed a number of mid-raid crashes
  • Fixed a number of incorrect “Combat Check Failed” errors
  • Players no longer receive Daily Quests to destroy Buildings they cannot construct
  • Fixed an issue with Attack Logs that would incorrectly state “You Lost”
  • Fixed an issue with Artifact purchasing where the pop-up would linger
  • Fixed a number of issues with Replays, improving overall accuracy


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