Force Close during a Spar

This primarily occurs when your device is running low on available RAM. This most commonly occurs on older devices, but can also occur on newer devices if you are running too many applications at the same time. In the worst case scenario you may have malware on your device that is using up your resources.

  1. To increase your chances of avoiding crashes/connection issues & improve device performance you can:
  2. Close applications running in the background of your device. 
  3. Enable 'low performance mode'. (toggled in the Options Menu)
  4. Always play connected to a strong WiFi or LTE Network & upgrade to a faster internet speed with your service provider.
  5. Uninstall & re-install the current version of our application directly from the App Store.
  6. Frequently reboot your device.
  7. Update the OS on your device. (Please check for a software update)
  8. Be sure to play near your WiFi access point, and if necessary upgrade your hardware. 
  9. Avoid rooting your device, as we do not support rooted devices.
  10. Play on a device with a minimum of 1-2GB of RAM (Playing on an outdated device can cause result in performance issues)
  11. If none of these tips help, you may want to consider factory resetting your device.


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