Update 12.2 Notes

Update 12.2 - Daily Quests, more powerful Artifacts, and improved Glory Leagues

New Daily Quest System
More powerful artifacts
Reduced artifact prices
Improved Glory Leagues
Bug Fixes

Daily Quests
Daily Quests, different from Kingdom Quests, are short missions that you can work towards each day to win rewards like Diamonds, Keys, and Runes! Each day you’ll have the opportunity to get a new random Quest to complete. Quest goals can be anything from Earn Kingdom Runes to Smash 5 Treasure Chests.

  • One new Quest will be available to you each day
  • You can have up to three Quests available to you at once
  • If you have three Quests, you will not receive new Quests until one is completed
  • New quests are handed out at 1:00PM EST every day
  • Quests are unique to each player, not everyone is given the same Quest each day


Artifact Improvements
The power of Artifacts have been increased significantly to make them more impactful in Raids

  • Some Artifacts have been doubled to quadrupled in power (i.e. +50%, +100%)
  • Each Artifact upgrade results in a significantly larger power boost than the last
  • Artifacts now cost half the Mithril to buy
  • You are twice as likely to win an Artifact from War
  • An “All Stats” button has been added that allows you to see the power of each upgrade
  • A number of Artifacts that were not working as expected have been fixed or clarified
  • Artifact Guide updated and improved with more FAQ answers


Glory League Improvements
Glory Leagues have been changed to be more rewarding and increase the importance of Glory

  • Glory League Rewards have been increased dramatically for all Leagues
    • Some Rewards have more than doubled in the top Leagues
  • Avatars display what Glory League you are in using a colored marker
  • Rewards are now visible for you and the top players within your League
  • Your name is highlighted to make finding your rank much easier
  • Rank change arrows in the Glory League menu are now daily instead of weekly
  • Pop-up notifications have been added to alert you when you are promoted or demoted in a Glory League
  • The Glory League Reward message has been improved


Additional Changes

  • Reduced cost of Kingdom Castle to 10k
  • Troop Level markers in Attack/Defense Logs have been replaced with Level numbers
  • Healers no longer get stuck healing Goblins that explode
  • Fixed a small handful of issues related to Replays being inaccurate
  • Fixed a number of crashes and freezes including some on the loading screen
  • Fixed some screen size issues for specific devices like the Galaxy S6


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