Update 13.1 Notes

Update 13.1 - Tons of bug fixes and balances (6/17/15)


This is an update aimed mostly at improving trap balances that were requested as well as fixing many of the most reported bugs.


Trap Balances
The Sacred Flame Trap has been buffed significantly to make it a more viable option when choosing a Trap.

  • The trap’s base duration has been doubled
  • The duration now also increases as the Trap is upgraded
  • It now deals a whopping 20-25 damage/second based on level

The Harpoon Trap has been buffed and tweaked to make it a great counter to big flying Troops.

  • The Trap now prevents its prey from attacking in addition to preventing movement
  • Now unlock at Town Center Level 16 instead of 20
  • Two more upgrade levels have been added, increasing total damage to 5600 (Up from 4200)
  • The new upgrades also increase its duration to 8 seconds (Up from 6)

The Hot Oil Trap has been buffed to deal more damage.

  • The max level Hot Oil Trap now deals a total of 2100 damage over 15 second (up from 945 damage over 15 seconds)

The Scarecrow Trap have been tweaked to allow more Traps to be placed.

  • These now only trigger on Monster units
  • Trap supply cost decreased to 4 (down from 6)



  • Wind Elementals are no longer considered Monsters and prevent Lone Wolf buffs
  • Timers now appear over the Altar when a Hero is upgrading
  • Silence Duration has been added to the Sacred Flame Info panel
  • Resource Rush Events now start their timers when players do their first Raid, not on log in


Bug Fixes

  • Added a handful of fixes to 13.0 content that caused Replays to be more inaccurate
  • Sacred Flame Traps no longer use all their Ammo in a single battle
  • Fixed Healers getting stuck healing each other after being pulled down by Net Catapults
  • Defending Ghost Shamans now properly buff other defensive units
  • Fixed a major issue that caused a glitch with Frost Mage’s attack speed
  • Fixed issue with Fire Demons causing crashes to GfG during Raids and Spars
  • Fixed some Artifacts not applying their effects during Spars
  • Victory Screens will no longer show you have collected Runes when they were not actually collected
  • Fixed a number of HUD pop-ups that could cause crashes
  • Fixed an issue where Troop Icons would be incorrectly sized on Barracks and Victory screens
  • Nets no longer stick around after their captured Troop or Building dies
  • No more button freeze when trying to upgrade Artifacts
  • Artifacts affecting Mine/Quarry production speeds have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue with a Quest related to doing Research at the Training Grounds
  • Fixed an issue that removed the button for upgrading Artifacts to Legendary or +10
  • Fixed a typo for the Donating Troop Quest
  • Fixed a display issue on the Campaign Map that showed the last level twice
  • Fixed the costs not displaying for VIP on Amazon/Kindle devices
  • Town Center 21 now uses the correct colored texture
  • Fixed a number of combat check failures related to Ghost Shaman


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