Earning Essence

Essence is a new currency that is used to upgrade and evolve Artifacts you already own. Earning Essence can be done several different ways.

  • Treasure Chests: There is a chance to win up Essence as Treasure loot
  • Raiding: Anytime that you make an attack in the Crossroads or during a War, and win at least one Star, there is a chance that you will earn Essence. You are more likely to win Essence in your first wins each day. Your chance to earn Essence drops with each win. This chance resets every day.
  • War Rewards: Essence can be earned through participating in war. Both the winning and losing Kingdoms earn Essence. The amount that each Kingdom wins is based on the length of the War. The longer the War, the more Essence will be received. The winning Kingdom will receive a little more than double the Essence than the losing Kingdom.
  • Quests: Special Kingdom Quests will be held periodically that reward Kingdoms both with Progress and Rank Rewards containing Essence.

You can store up to 25,000 Essence at a time. Any Essence earned above 25,000 will be lost.



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