Update 12.1 Notes

Update 12.1 - Artifacts, Kingdom Regent, and Noble Ranks (4/17/15)


  • New Artifacts Feature
  • New Kingdom Regent and Noble Ranks
  • Crossroad Improvements
  • Replay Improvements


Earn three unique Artifact types from Kingdom Quests, Empire Wars and the brand-new Artifact Shop. Upgrade and Evolve your Artifacts to unlock their full potential! Every Artifact contains a random mix of five abilities. Hunt for the most powerful combos, unlock all the skills and upgrade them to get their maximum effect!

Full Artifact Details

All Players will be given their first Artifact for free!


Kingdom Regent and Noble Ranks
Bringing a number of our most requested features together in Uservoice, your Kingdom can now assign additional Ranks to Kingdom Members and even promote a Co-Leader!

A Leader can assign Nobles that control who can and can’t be in the Kingdom. Leaders can also promote one Noble to a Regent, giving them all the abilities of the Kingdom Leader (minus the ability to kick the Leader, of course!).


  • Leader
    • All the current powers plus the ability to assign a Regent and Nobles
  • Regents
    • Regents have all the powers of the Kingdom Leader (Start War, Update Join Permissions, Promote/Demote Nobles, all Noble Permissions)
    • The Regent cannot Kick the Leader
    • There can only be one Regent
  • Nobles
    • Nobles can send Invites to other players and Kick Members
    • Nobles can Kick other players, but not the Leader or the Regent
    • Normal Members can no longer send Invites or Kick Members


Crossroad Improvements
The number of Green Skulls shown on the Crossroads will decrease and a number of targets with low amounts of resources will not show up as often. This will vary player by player but the improvement should be felt by everyone to varying degrees. Going forward, we are interested in keeping the Crossroads as fun as possible without artificially adding more Gold and Iron. As problems appear, we will continue to fix them and improve the game as quickly as possible.


Replay Improvements
Replay will be more accurate, overall. Several issues were fixed mostly involving replays with Fire Demons and/or Lunar Towers. Both of these negatively impacted replay accuracy but have since been solved. Replays will still not be perfect after the update, but roughly 2/3rds of the incorrect Replays should disappear; the remaining inaccuracies will be investigated and worked on after these initial issues are cleared up.



  • Wall Level 14 HP was increased to make them better than Level 13 walls
  • Fixed the Glory League reward message to be more informative
  • Fixed a number of crashes related to high level units and defenses
  • With additional War rewards being added, we have lowered War Glory to a 100 Glory exchange (the main way to earn Glory should always be Crossroads)


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