Empire Wars

Interactive War Maps

When a War is started, a map is created for each Empire. All the Cities within an Empire are placed randomly on the map with the easier Cities placed along the edges and the more difficult Cities concentrated in the middle. You can zoom in and tap to select different cities to attack. You can also tap the Arrow button in the top right to switch between the enemy Empire and your Empire’s maps.



Each Empire member is allowed a maximum of 4 attacks per War so make them count! Once you select and attack an enemy City you will be put on a 4-hour cooldown that blocks you from being able to make another War attack for that time. If you want to make a War attack within those 4 hours you can use Diamonds to finish the cooldown.



Since each Empire Member can only make a maximum of 4 attacks, Conquest Points available per City are adjusted when warring Empires do not have the same amount of members participating. So even though one Empire has more attacks available to make, each Empire has an equal amount of Conquest Points available to earn.


Scorched Earth Bonus
Once you or one of your fellow Empire members defeats an enemy City (Defeat = 1 or more Star earned) all of the Cities surrounding the defeated City on the map will be given a Scorched Earth Bonus. Any City affected by the Scorched Earth Bonus will give ~50% more Conquest Points if defeated. Scorched Earth Bonuses only last for 4 hours.

Cities that have been destroyed will be unattackable for 4 hours. They will show up as destroyed on the War map until they are available to be attacked again.



The Empire with the most Conquest Points at the end of War, wins.


Queueing for War

Queuing for War is similar to the old system. If you are a Kingdom Leader or Elder you can Queue for War while other members can only request to go to War. Wars now start twice a days so your War will start either at 12:00PM(EST) or 12:00AM (EST) based on when you queued. Leaders can also select “Auto-Queue” in the War Attack screen if they want their Empire to automatically queue for a War every day.


War Rewards

The rewards that you win increase as you and your Empire members make more attacks. The more you participate in a War, the more rewards you have a chance at winning.

All the Rewards that you win in Battles go directly into your War Loot Chest. You do not immediately collect Rewards from Battles like in normal Raids. This includes Gold, Stone, Titanite, Item Elixir, and Titan Shards. In addition to the Rewards that you earn through winning your own attacks, you also collect one type of Reward from each successful attack that your Empire members make.

When an Empire member wins an attack, a specific Reward is randomly chosen (Gold, Stone, Titanite, Item Elixir, or Titan Shard). That Reward is then given to all participating Empire members. The amount of that Reward that you get is based on your progression in the game. Each Empire member’s War Rewards can vary greatly.

If your Empire wins the War, everyone in your Empire will receive everything that is in their War Reward Chest. If your Empire loses the War, everyone in your Empire will receive 20% of what is in their War Reward Chest.


New War Log Screen

All attacks made by your Empire and the enemy Empire can be viewed and tracked through the new War Log Screen. You can also look at your own Empire’s War map to see what areas are getting attacked the most. The new War Log Screen shows who attacked who, how many star were won, and the Conquest Points gained. Now, you can see exactly how your enemy is doing and when you need to step up your game. Watch out though because they can do the same!


Misc War

  • You can no longer surrender from War
  • Empires must have 10 or more members to participate in Wars
  • If a suitable opponent isn’t found for your Empire, you will automatically queue up for the next War
  • Making a War attack breaks your Shield
  • If you are shielded during a War, your City will still show up on the War Map but you will not be affected by any attacks made on your City
  • You must win at least 1 attack in a War to receive your War Reward



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