Kingdom Regent and Noble Ranks

Your Kingdom can assign additional Ranks to Kingdom Members and even promote a Co-Leader.

A Leader can assign Nobles that control who can and can’t be in the Kingdom. Leaders can also promote one Noble to a Regent, giving them all the abilities of the Kingdom Leader (minus the ability to kick the Leader, of course!).




  • The ability to control every aspect of the Kingdom, plus the ability to assign a Regent and Nobles.


  • Regents have all the powers of the Kingdom Leader (Start War, Update Join Permissions, Promote/Demote Nobles, all Noble Permissions).
  • The Regent cannot Kick the Leader.
  • There can only be one Regent.


  • Nobles can send Invites to other players and Kick Members.
  • Nobles can Kick other players, but not the Leader or the Regent.
  • Normal Members can no longer send Invites or Kick Members.


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