Kingdom Wonder

Kingdom Wonder Level

  • Your Kingdom's Wonder Level is determined by how many Runes you and your Kingdom Members have accumulated while active in your Kingdom.
  • Your Kingdom's Wonder Level gives you access to the Kingdom Wonder Perks within your Kingdom Wonder Building.
  • You will need to accumulate Runes in order to increase your Kingdom Wonder Level (learn more about Runes here)


Kingdom Wonder Level Rune Cost
2 25,000
3 50,000
4 75,000
5 100,000
6 200,000
7 300,000
8 400,000
9 500,000
10 600,000
11 700,000



Kingdom Wonder Building

  • Your Kingdom Wonder Building must be built and upgraded (to the appropriate level) to utilize the perks that your Kingdom has unlocked.


Kingdom Wonder Building Level Town Center Level Kingdom Wonder Level
1 4 1
2 4 2
3 6 3
4 8 4
5 10 5
6 12 6
7 14 7
8 16 8
9 18  9
10 19  10



Wonder Perks

  • Each Kingdom Wonder Level offers a new Perk selection.
  • You can only have one Perk selected for each level.
  • It requires a Builder to switch your Perk and will take 24 hours to finish changing your Perk.
  • If you leave a kingdom with an upgraded Wonder and go to a Kingdom with a lower Kingdom Wonder Level, you will maintain your Kingdom Wonder Building level but the perks that you have available will be limited to your new Kingdom's Wonder Level.


Wonder Building Level Kingdom Wonder Level Perk 1 Perk 2
1 1 No Perk No Perk
2 2 Plunder Satchels Hidden Vault
3 3 Key Forge Sharp Shovels
4 4 Necromancer Stone Summoner Stone
5 5 Archer’s Guild Wizard Library
6 6 Ace Ambassador Master Reserves
7 7 Cheap Alloys Drill Sergeant
8 8 Paralyzing Gaze Burial Ground
9 9 Ballistics Research Demolition Training
10 10 Starting War Shield Starting War Morale 



Perk Info

Plunder Satchels

  • Gain 3% more resources from Raiding (Defender does not lose any more).


Hidden Vault

  • Lose 25% fewer resources when Raided (Attacker does not receive less resources).


Key Forge

  • 10% chance to get a free Key for each Treasure Chest you dig up.


Sharp Shovels

  • 10% chance to dig up an unlocked Treasure Chest.


Necromancer Stone

  • Your ground units have a 10% chance of reviving as Dark Knights.


Summoners Stone

  • Destroying a Kingdom Castle summons 3 Dark Wizards.


Archer's Guild

  • 2 Archers or 1 Amazon defend your Village at each Archer/Amazon Tower.


Wizard Library

  • 1 Wizard defends your Village at each Wizard Spire.


Ace Ambassador

  • Your Kingdom Builder triples build speed.


Master Reserves

  • Your donated Troops have 10% more HP and damage.


Cheap Alloys

  • Units cost 15% less to produce.

  • When you have this perk selected "Cheap Alloys", the cost does not show up as being adjusted within the display for each specific troop type, however if you keep track of your Iron amount you will see that you are being charged 15% less for each troop type


Drill Seargent

  • Units build 10% faster.


Paralyzing Gaze

  • Turns Wonder into Defensive Building that stuns ground units one at a time.


Burial Ground

  • Gains an Aura with splash damage that turns killed Troops into zombies that help defend your Village.


Ballistics Research

  • All of your ranged land units shoot 1 tile further.


Demolition Training

  • All of your units do 20% more damage to walls.


Starting War Shield

  • Start Kingdom War's with 2 hour war shield.


Starting War Morale

  •  Start Kingdom War's with 1 extra morale.


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