Update 12.0 Notes

Update 12.0 - War of Rivals Expansion: Ghost Shaman Unit, Reaper Spire, Harpoon Trap, and more (03/25/15)


New Ghost Shaman Troop
New Wizard Spire Mode: Reaper Spire
New Harpoon Trap
New Town Center Level and Upgrades
Unit and Resource Balance changes


New Unit: Ghost Shaman
This support unit helps to make your strongest units even stronger while also dealing deadly magic damage to buildings.

  • Unit Buff: The Ghost Shaman selects one unit within 8 tiles and increases that unit’s attack speed by 30%/35%/40%
  • Shamans buff Heroes or the unit with the highest Housing Space in range
  • Shamans can only buff one unit at a time, but buffs new unit if the previous one dies


New Wizard Spire Mode: Reaper Spire
This soul-absorbing spire, fuels itself with enemies that die within its firing range. For each enemy unit that dies nearby, the Reaper Spire grows stronger.

  • Souls are collected by the nearest Reaper Spire or Reaper Troop as long as it is within the attack range
  • Reapers and Reaper Spires COMPETE for Souls
    • The closest Reaper or Reaper Spire gets the Soul
    • Reaper Spires absorb all of a Reaper’s Souls when the Reaper dies
  • The number of Souls added is dependent on that unit’s Housing Space
  • Reaper Spires gain attack damage for each Soul up to maximum of 200% at 100 Souls
  • Requires Wizard Spire Level 17


New Trap: Harpoon
A powerful anti-air trap that immobilizes flying units and deals heavy damage to them as they are held in place.

  • Targets a single flying unit, preventing it from moving for 5/6 seconds and deal 2500/3600 damage over time
  • Units immobilized by a Harpoon can still attack


Town Center Level 20 and Related Upgrades
To get the latest Town Center level, you will need to download and unlock Greed for Glory: War of Rivals.

New Building Upgrades

  • Barracks Level 22
  • Training Grounds Level 18
  • Ballista Level 21
  • Archer Tower Level 21
  • Walls Level 14
  • Trebuchet Level 18
  • Wizard Tower Level 17
  • Wizard Rockets Level 18
  • Poison Dart Tower Level 15
  • Abyssal Spire Level 11
  • Silence Tower Level 9
  • Trap Shop Level 13

New Unit Upgrades

  • Brute Level 10
  • Goblin Maniac Level 10
  • Griffin Level 10
  • Healer Level 9
  • Phantom Level 8
  • Fire Demon Level 8
  • Druid Level 8
  • Stone Golem Level 8
  • Martyr Level 7
  • Warlock Level 6
  • Reaper Level 5
  • Lone Wolf Level 4

New Trap Upgrades

  • Hot Oil Level 10
  • Spike Level 9


Hero Defensive Sleep Timer

  • Heroes used on defense will now only sleep for a short period of time
  • The Sleep Timer for Heroes on defense has been reduced from 8 Hours to 1 Hour
    • This timer is still reduced based on the amount of Hero health lost
      • 50% HP lost requires only 30 mins of sleep


Glory Cap Changes

  • Based on a player poll, the maximum amount of Glory that can be earned in a battle is being increased to 60 (Up from 36)
    • This change will make it easier for strong, but low Glory players to climb the Glory Ranks
    • More players with higher Glory means Top Glory players will have more opportunities to earn more Glory as well


Resource Balance Changes

  • Resource costs have been lowered for the vast majority of buildings in the Town Center Level 5 to Town Center Level 15 range
    • Most total costs have been reduced by 15%-30%
    • Most total times have been reduced by 33%
    • The top few Town Center Levels remain unchanged
  • A number of changes to raidable resources have been made to scale the amount you can earn based on your place within the game’s progression
  • The total amount of resources you can raid from Storages now scales with your Town Center Level
    • As an example, the max resources you can raid from Storages has increased from 400k to 800k for the top Town Center Levels
  • The amount of resources that your Storages protect now scales with your Town Center Level
    • As an example, the percentage of resources that can be stolen from Storages has lowered from 10% across the board to 5% for the top Town Center Levels
  • More info: Resource Cap


Lone Wolf Buff

  • The Lone Wolf’s health has been increased about 30% per level
  • The Lone Wolf now cleaves with its attack causing multiple nearby buildings, notably Walls, to take damage


New Splashscreen and Logo Art

  • Check out Greed for Glory’s awesome new Splashscreen and game Logo!


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