Update 4.2 Notes

Update 4.2: Rook, the Tower Knight, increased Titan Levels, and Quest System! (4/1/15)


  • New Titan: Rook, the Tower Knight
  • Added Titan Tavern Level 9
  • Max Titan Level increased to 22
  • Max Item Level increased to 22
  • Max Skill Level increased to 22
  • New Quest System (iOS)
  • Improved Treasure Resources


New Titan: Rook, The Tower Knight

This Titan protects and supports your armies with his superior strategy and massive shield

Special Skills:

  • Normal Skill: Shield Wall
    An active ability that activates Rook’s massive shield which protects both himself and nearby troops from harm.
  • Rare Skill: Castle
    An active ability that teleports Rook to the target location. Rook becomes the target of anything that is capable of targeting him and gains a temporary damage reduction buff.
  • Epic Skill: King’s Gambit
    A passive ability that gives Rook back some of his health whenever a nearby ally dies.
  • Legendary Skill: Checkmate
    A passive ability that revives Rook if he dies in battle. When he is revived, he is given a percentage of his health back and can resume attacking. This ability can only be triggered once per battle.


Titan Tavern Level 9
A new Titan Tavern Level is added. The new Titan Tavern will unlock:

  • New Titan: Rook
  • 2 New Titan Levels
  • 2 New Titan Skill Levels
  • 2 New Titan Item Levels

New Quest System (iOS)
The new Quest System that was released for Android only in 4.1 has now been added to iOS

  • iOS users will get double Quest rewards for the number of days that Android had access to the system and iOS did not
  • Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements were made for both iOS and Android Quest systems

This new system replaces the Achievement system with exciting and more easily reachable goals

  • Any progress made in Achievements has been rewarded in a proportionate number of Diamonds based on the percentage completed and the total possible Diamonds for each Achievement
  • Old achievements will remain but Diamonds rewards will not be given for completion
  • This process took place with the release of quests in 4.1 for Android users


Resources from Treasure
Resources that you collect from Treasure are now collected and added to your Resources even if you are at your Resource storage cap.

  • A message will be shown that indicates you have gone over your Resource cap but you will still be able to use those Resources that were won
  • This is the only case in the game where you can go over your Resource storage cap


Miscellaneous Bug fixes and Improvements
More City Editor Performance Improvements
Fixed Havok Shard Image Displaying as Shank Shards
Improved Purchase Screen




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