Update 4.0 Notes

Update 4.0: New Titan System, Ranking System, and much more! (2/23/15)


All new Titan System
Brand new Building: Titan Tavern
New Treasure System
New Attacking System
Ranking Tweaks
No more Shadow Empire
All new Base Editor
New “You’ve been Attacked” Screen
Improved Attack/Defense log
Improved Empire Chat
New Titan Items
VIP changes


Titan System
The Titan System has been revamped to allow players of all types to enjoy the challenges of constant progression while still being able to adjust their strategy based on personal play style.

Titan Tavern
The Titan Tavern is where you can unlock Titans, level them up, improve their rarity, and upgrade their items. Titan Taverns limit the level, rarity, and number of Titans that you have access to. You can no longer have more than one of each Titan.

  • Unlocking Titans - With each upgraded Titan Tavern level, you gain access to another Titan
  • Leveling with Titanite - Titans are leveled with Titanite which is now earned through Raids and Treasure
  • Improving rarity - Titans’ rarity can now be improved through spending Titan Shards which are earned through Raids and Treasure
  • Titan level scaling - Titan levels were scaled down. Max level went from 60 to 20. Titans retained their strength but now each increase in level results in a larger increase in overall power.
  • Timers - Timers were added to leveling up Titans as well as leveling up their skills

Titan Power numbers
Titans now have a power number associated with them which is based on their Rarity, level, item levels, and skill levels.

Supporting Titans
Up to three Titans can be used to support each active Titan that you take into battle. These supporting Titans boost a particular stat for the active Titan. The strength of the boost is based on the supporting Titan’s Power number which is displayed at the bottom of their icon in the “Choose Titans” window.

Garrisoning Titans
In addition to having spare Titans act as support, each unused Titan can be garrisoned in a defensive building to boost its health and damage. The strength of boost is based on the chosen Titan’s Power number.


  • Each Titan comes automatically equipped with three items that align well to their strengths in battle
  • Items must be created and upgraded with Item Elixir which is a brand new resource
  • Item Elixir can be earned through opening Treasure and from looting buildings while in battle



  • Normal Treasure has been removed from the game. The things that you would normally earn through normal Treasure are now either unneeded, can be earned through the new Treasure system, or are earned through raids.
  • New Treasure costs 85 Diamonds for one or 765 Diamonds for 10
  • You get one free Treasure every 48 hours

Available Items to be earned in Treasure:

  • Gold, Stone, Titanite, Diamonds, Item Elixir, permanent troop housing space, permanent Wall segments, permanent Moat segments, Barracks boost, building speed up, Titan Shards.


Attack System
The attack system has seen a complete overhaul that impacts many aspects of the game. It was changed to allow players to enter a battle with different strategies in mind and make attacking more engaging.

  • star system
    • You now can earn up to 3 stars per battle; Each star is earned by completing a milestone in battle.
    • The three star milestones are:
      • Destroying 50% of the opponent’s city
      • Destroying the opponent’s Keep
      • Destroying 100% of the opponent’s city
  • resource storage location
    • Titanite can now be raided from the Keep and the Titan Tavern
    • Stone can be raided from Stone Storages and Stone Quarries
    • Gold can be raided from Gold Storages and Gold Mines
    • Item Elixir and Titan Shards can be won from looting random buildings (the opponent does not lose these resources when raided)



  • With the new star system, you need to take at least one star from an opponent to continue your run
  • Grandmasters cannot earn crowns from war
  • Regular and Master rank players earn Experience Points
  • You earn conquest point for each star that is earned in battle
  • If your Empire wins the war, each member wins 10 Item Elixir and 10 Titan Shards. You must win to receive a reward.



  • Ranking for level 1 - 50 remains the same
  • Master Rank ranking has changed to use Experience Points instead of stars
    • You earn one third of the Experience Points available from an opponent for each star that you earn in battle
    • The amount of Experience Points gained from an opponent is based on City difficulty. Unlike the star system, any opponent will give some amount of Experience points when attacked.
    • The master badges have change from roman numerals to normal numbers to make ranking more easily understandable
    • Ranking progress is now shown by a progress bar instead of stars
  • Grandmasters now share three crowns between each other instead of just one
    • Grandmasters steal crowns just like in the old system but now you earn a crown for each star earned in battle
    • Each crown correlates with a specific star (Example: You must destroy the opponent’s city completely to earn the third star. Attacking and winning one star three separate times will only result in a reward of 1 crown total)
    • Grandmasters can now only steel crowns from other grandmasters and not high ranking master rank players
    • Grandmasters do not gain crowns from defenses and cannot lose crowns if they fail in an attack


Avenge (Saves)

  • Saves have been renamed to “Avenge”
  • The ability to Avenge an attack is only made available if the attacker got three stars against the defender
  • An Avenge is successful if the Avenger is able to stop the attacker from getting three stars
  • The resources returned to the defender is the difference in resources raided between the original attack and the attack made with the Avengers help
  • The reward for a successful save is 1-5 item elixir based on the save’s difficulty


Shadow Empire

  • The Shadow Empire will not be attacking players anymore. The only place that the Shadow Empire remains in the game is in Single Player mode.


Base Editor

  • A base editor has been added to make editing your city easier
  • The base editor can be accessed by tapping the arrow button on the right side of Titan Empires then tapping the Grid button


4.0 Transition

Since there is no longer a need for more than one type of Titan and some versions of Titans are now incompatible with the new system, each player account went through a conversion process that not only modifies invalid Titans but also rewards you with new resources for your current progress in the game.

Best Titans
Your best Titans were taken and turned into the best versions of themselves that are valid in the new system. If a certain Titan is unlocked at your current Titan Tavern level, then you kept your best Titan.

These things were then modified on that Titan:

  • Its level was scaled to match the new max Titan level which is 20
  • Its level was reduced if it went beyond the level cap allowed by your current Titan Tavern level. You were compensated in the reduction of the Titan level with Diamonds that can be used to level your Titan back up again once your Titan Tavern level will allow it.
  • Its rarity was adjusted if the Titan was not a high enough level for that rarity to be available in the new system. If the Titan rarity was reduced, Titan Shards of the appropriate type were awarded so that rarity can be increased when the proper level is reached.
  • All equipped items were turned into Item Elixir so they can be used to create and level up new Items in the way you want
  • All skill levels were reduced if they were beyond the allowed max of your Titan Tavern level. You were compensated in the reduction of the skill levels with Diamonds.

Duplicate Titans
Any Extra Titan that you had in your inventory was turned into the equivalent Diamonds and Item Elixir. For example, if you had a total of 3 Shanks, one of those was kept as your best version of that Titan if your Titan Tavern level allowed it. The other two were duplicate Titans and as a result were turned into Diamonds and Item Elixir.

  • Each Titan Level was turned into Diamonds
  • Each Titan Skill Level was turned into Diamonds
  • Each Titan Rarity was turned into Titan Shards of that Titan Type


  • All Items, whether they were equipped to a Titan or not, were turned into Item Elixir based on their rarity and level.

In the new system, everything was either kept because it was valid or turned into Diamonds, Titan Shards, or Item Elixir. Diamonds were chosen instead of Titanite because Titanite is a raidable resource now. Diamonds are a more secure Resource.

More info on Transition process: Transition FAQ


You’ve been attacked screen
A new window in Titan Empires has been added that pops up when you log into the game if you were attacked while offline. It shows whether you won or lost the defenses, the resources you lost, and if your ranking was affected by the attacks.


Improved attack/defense log
The attack/defense log has been reworked to give more detail to each attack or defense that was made. It shows changes in ranking, resources won/lost, number of stars earned, and the Titans and Troops that were used in the attack.


Improved empire chat experience
Empire chat has been cleaned up with tabs added to the top. Chat, Avenge notifications, and Fortify requests are now each on their separate tab, making communication amongst your Empire much easier.


New Titan Items
Dragon Egg - When a Titan uses their ability this item does extra fire damage over a period of time to all hit buildings. (equipped to Apollo, Gadget,  and Scarlet)

Smoke Bomb - When your Titan is hit by a single target attack, it becomes untargetable for a brief period. This can only trigger once every 30 seconds. (equipped to Tokin)

Demolisher - Your Titan deals more damage to a target the longer your Titan is attacking it. (equipped to Tokin and Gadget)


VIP changes

  • VIP Bonus Titanite is now the same as stone and gold (+50% bonus earned in battle)
  • For every Item that is looted from a building in battle, you get a bonus item


Improved upgrade experience

  • Once an upgrade is finished, you must tap on the builder icon above the building
  • An animation confirms that the building is finished


Balance Changes
Many balance changes were made to improve the experience with the new systems in 4.0


  • Level 1 HP: 70 (up from 60)


  • Level 1 HP: 35 (down from 40)


  • No longer dodges
  • Now targets resources
  • HP Levels 1-5: 100/125/160/225/300 (up from 80/100/130/170/225)


  • Damage Levels 1-4: 165/198/231/264 (up from 154/187/220/253)
  • HP Levels 1-4: 650/750/950/1200 (up from 600/700/900/1100)


  • HP Levels 1-3: 175/225/300 (up from 150/200/250)


  • HP Levels 1-3: 700/850/1100 (up from 650/800/1000)


  • Damage Levels 1-3: 150/210/270 (up from 138/177/225)
  • HP Levels 1-3: 300/350/450 (up from 275/325/400)

Titans are slightly healthier at the beginning of the game and should be substantially stronger at the top end (about 25% stronger)

  • Titan Power increase from levels: 5% (up from 3.33%)
  • Titan Max level: 20 (down from 60)
  • Titan Rarity Power Bonuses: 50%/100%/150% (up from 10%/20%/35%)


  • Starting Damage: 20 (down from 22)
  • Starting HP: 240 (up from 220)


  • Starting HP: 220 (up from 180)


  • Starting HP: 200 (up from 150)


  • Starting Damage: 10 (down from 11)
  • Starting HP: 440 (up from 350)


  • Starting HP: 180 (up from 160)
  • Shock bomb Stun duration: 3 seconds (down from 4)
    • Gadget’s support bonus is stun duration and a full support bonus is slightly longer stun duration than the current Shock Bomb
  • Dismantle Stun duration: 3 seconds (down from 4)


  • Starting Damage: 28 (down from 30)
  • Starting HP: 160 (up from 120)


  • Starting Damage: 30 (up from 23)
  • Starting HP: 240 (up from 200)


  • Starting Damage: 20 (down from 21)
  • Starting HP: 280 (up from 180)

Items are stronger and more noticeable at the beginning of the game (about 100%) but weaker at the top end (about 30% weaker)

  • Item functional max level: 20

New Items

  • Dragon Egg
    • Whenever the Titan damages a target with an active Skill, the target takes burn damage every second for a short period of time.
    • Starting Damage: 3 per second
  • Smoke Bomb
    • When the Titan is damaged by a single target attack, he/she becomes untargetable for a brief duration. This can only trigger once every 30 seconds.
    • Starting Duration: 3 seconds
  • Demolisher
    • The Titan deals more damage to a target the longer he/she has been attacking it
    • Damage Per Second: 3
  • Existing Items
    • Berserker Axe
      • Damage per level: 1 (up from 0.5)
    • Knight’s Helm
      • Health per level: 10 (up from 5)
    • Captain’s Sword
      • Attack speed per level: 1% (up from 0.5%)
    • Healer’s Staff
      • Health restored per level: 10 (up from 5)
    • Explode-a-Death
      • Damage per level: 20 (down from 25)
    • Crest of Haste
      • Attack speed per level: 0.5% (up from 0.3%)
    • Assassin’s Blade
      • Life steal per level: 0.5% (up from 0.25%)
    • Swift Boots
      • Move speed per level: 2% (up from 1.25%)
    • Archer’s Bow
      • Crit chance per level: 1% (up from 0.5%)


  • There have been a substantial changes to building upgrade time and costs mostly in one direction:
    • Defense buildings cost more and a take less time to upgrade
    • Resource buildings cost less and take more time to upgrade
  • Gold Mines and Stone Quarries now have a level 10 and all of their upgrades are available at a lower level Keep
    • Storage and Production of higher level storages and mines has been increased
    • Production is now significantly higher than it was at the top end
  • Marksman Tower
    • Damage Level 1-2: 750/900 (up from 700/850)



  • Captain's mark ability and animation last for full duration
  • Fixed damage dealt red flash animation



  • The Latest New Prompt only shows up when a new event is posted in it
  • Buildings do not perform their function while under construction
  • The timer on the barracks was changed from an individual troop timer to an entire army timer
  • Recolored level 8 and level 9 walls


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