Update 4.1.2 Notes

Android Feature Test Release

The new Android release is both a test for a new Feature and a new release strategy. We're releasing a brand new feature for Android users to test out. The reason we're doing this is to allow for a quicker turnaround on feature improvements and bug fixes. 

With Android, we are able to release updates the day that we create them, but with iOS we have to wait about 10 days for Apple to approve the App. This leads to slow fixes which no one likes, including us. With this new strategy, we can figure out issues, fix them, and get them added to the game within a day or two.

There have been issues with past releases so we're going to let players test it first and give feedback as they play through it. Then we'll improve the feature and ship the new version to both Android and iOS players.

iOS users: Don't worry! We haven't forgotten about you! You will receive double bonuses for the number of days that Android players have the new feature before you. You'll be able to enjoy the final version and get double the rewards!

Android users: Go to the Google Play Store to download the update. You can still play without the update if you would prefer but will not receive double rewards when we release the final version.

This release strategy can only happen in specific situations so it won't be something that happens often. We may try it again in the future though if it works well and you guys like it.

Get out there and start trying it out! If you have any feedback or find something wrong, please head over to and let us know what you think.


Details on the new feature:

Daily Quests
Each day you will receive a new Quest that you can complete for a Reward.

  • One new quests will be available to you each day
  • You can have up to three quests available to you at once
  • Not all players have the same quests
  • Rewards can be any type of Resource and vary based on the specific quest.

Bug Fixes
There were also miscellaneous Android-related bug fixes included in this update.


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