Update 11.1 Notes

Update 11.1 - Kingdom Quests, Glory Leagues, and Bug Fixes! (3/4/15)


Kingdom Quests
Glory Leagues
Bug Fixes


Kingdom Quests
Kingdom Quests are a brand new type of event that has been added to the game. Each week a new event will be announced that allows each Kingdom to compete against one another. The better a Kingdom does in each week’s Quest, the more rewards they will earn.

  • Work with your Kingdom members to earn Quest Points (QP) to gain rewards. Your Kingdom will earn Quest Points for working towards the goal of each Quest.
  • There are different Quest Point milestones. For each milestone that your Kingdom reaches, you get more Rewards.
  • You can look at the Leaderboard to see how many Rewards the top Kingdoms are winning.
  • All rewards must be claimed within 3 days of the Quest’s end.
  • There are Quest specific rules that can be found in-game for each week’s Quest.
  • Kingdom Quests will begin on Fridays and end on Mondays.

Quest goals will vary greatly and new ones will be added often.


  • The amount of damage dealt by Heros while in War during the Quest period
  • The number of Stars earned by your Kingdom in War during the Quest period
  • Runes collected by your Kingdom during the Quest period

Rewards will vary based on the specific Quest but all types of Resources will be available as a Reward at some point. This includes Diamonds, Mithril, Gold, Stone, Runes, and Keys.


Glory Leagues

A brand new tiered ranking system that rewards individuals for earning and collecting Glory. The more Glory that you earn, the higher you will be ranked, and the better the rewards you will collect. This system works very similarly to Kingdom Leagues but for individuals instead of Kingdoms.

  • Rewards are given out once a week based on what League you are in and your place within that League
  • All Leagues receive Gold and Iron Rewards
  • Top players within “Mithril” and “Top Mithril” Leagues receive Mithril as well
  • Glory Leagues are updated at the end of every week


Bugs Fixes

  • Wonder Perks don’t change without player triggering the change now
  • Martyrs target Cluster Trebuchets now
  • Troops don’t make an extra attack on destroyed buildings now
  • Uservoice is accessible from within the game now
  • Facebook can be Liked from within the game now
  • Runebreakers target Mithril Storages now
  • Newly unlocked Campaigns are able to be unlocked now
  • Players won’t experience connection loss after customizing Avatar now
  • Mithril Rewards are displayed properly in the Victory screen now
  • Lunar Tower does not reveal itself while upgrading now
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements


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