Why Do You Release New Town Center Levels?

As much as we enjoy creating new Troops, we're not fans of raising the Town Center Levels any more than players are; frankly, it's extra work and maintenance on our end for something that comes with negative feedback from a subset of players.
However, there gets to be a point where a lot of top end players no longer have goals or things to motivate them to play or support the game. This lack of support for the game is bad for all players regardless of where they're at in Glory, Town Center levels, or how much they've purchased. It's that support that keeps the game alive, growing, maintained, and receiving bug fixes or requested features that come in each update. Without the proper support, we can't work on the things everyone would like to see, making these updates a necessity in the game's current state.
That doesn't mean the problem is unsolvable! This is the reason we're working on other systems to replace, or at least slow down, the need for new Town Center levels and players can already see evidence of this within previous updates. The Heroes were the first in this shift of focus, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Glory Leagues and Kingdom Quests are additional examples of ways we're trying to get away from the standard Town Center updates. We expect to release a number of big new features for Greed for Glory throughout the year, ones that aren't just building upgrades, and we'll share more info on them as they near release!


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