Update 10.1 Notes

Update 10.1: Heroes, Mithril, Winter, and more! (12/18/14)


Brand New Heroes Feature
New Resource, Mithril, used to unlock and upgrade Heroes
It’s Winter Time: Villages covered in Snow!
Numerous Bug Fixes and Improvements


New Feature: Heroes
Heroes are a brand new Troop that add another layer of customization and strategy to Greed for Glory. Their powers are designed in a way that encourages their use only in the most important of Battles and Wars. Each Hero has a special ability that can be activated once per Battle, and they can also be used to defend your Village.


The Captain: A melee Hero that uses his brute strength to take down defenses and rally his troops to win Battles

Unlocks at Town Center Level 8

Special Ability: Captain’s Charge

  • Summons Knights
  • Heals himself and nearby allies
  • The Captain and nearby allies gain increased damage and movement speed


The Sniper: A ranged hero that uses her special ability to summon Archers and make nearby troops temporarily invincible

Unlocks at Town Center Level 12

Special Ability: Guerilla Warfare

  • Summons Archers
  • Heals herself and nearby allies.
  • Nearby allies become immune to damage for a short period of time


Frost Mage: A ranged hero that uses her Icy staff to summon Wizards and freeze defensive buildings

Unlocks at Town Center Level 16

Special Ability: Frostbite

  • Summons Wizards
  • Heals herself and nearby allies
  • Temporarily disables defensive buildings at a targeted location


Upgrading your Heroes:

  • Each Hero has 30 Levels
  • Heroes are upgraded using Mithril
  • With each level upgrade, your Hero’s Damage and Health increase
  • With every 5 levels your Hero’s Special Ability increases in power
  • Heroes can’t be asleep or be used in Battle while being upgraded


Using your Hero’s special ability:

  • Hero special abilities are unlocked after upgrading the Hero to level 5
  • The ability can only be used once per Battle and costs Iron to use
  • The Captain and Sniper abilities can be used with a single tap
  • The Frost Mage ability is a targeted ability that can be used on any part of the map


Hero Sleep Time:

  • Heroes sleep after each Battle they enter
  • If a Hero doesn’t die, they sleep for a percentage of 8 hours based on damage received
  • If a Hero is killed in Battle, they sleep for 8 hours and cannot be used again until they wake up
  • This sleep time does NOT increase with each Level


Hero Altar: The new building that is used to unlock and upgrade Heroes


New Resource: Mithril

Mithril is a brand new resource that is used to upgrade Heroes. It can be earned through Mithril Mines or Raiding it from other players in Battle.

  • Mithril Storages can be built at Town Center Level 8
  • Mithril Mines can be built at Town Center Level 9
  • 5% of Mithril storage can be raided up to 3000 Mithril
    75% of Mithril in mills can be raided with no cap


Winter is Here!

Snow has fallen on everyone’s villages in Greed for Glory. Your Villagers are dressed in festive clothes and decorating your Trees and Buildings with all kind of lights and decorations. Enjoy the new, limited time Splashscreen and get ready for other Holiday-related goodies coming soon too!


Numerous Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The Support Menu has been overhauled to both get players support faster and help players report bugs easier
    • The FAQ section has been revamped to go to a more in-depth Knowledge Base leading to extra Support Options
    • Switching and Recovering Accounts is now more accessible
    • Uservoice has been split between Features and Bugs to speed up the Bug reporting and fixing process
      • Check out the new Bug Forum and check out if your Issue is one of the many we’re currently fixing
      • Got bugs? Please vote on which ones are affecting you and help us get as many fixed as possible in 2015!
    • An “Other” option has been added for additional, advanced Support issues
      • Please make use of the Quick-Help / FAQ / Account Recovery options before submitting issues to Support
  • It is now easier to search for Issues and Vote in Uservoice
  • Fixed some issues with the Crossroads that were causing poor matchups
  • Fixed an issue with the Village Layout Editor that caused frequent crashing
  • Kingdom Wonder Levels now limited by the Kingdom’s Rune Count
  • Fixed a bug with the spawning of Obstacles for a number of players
  • Fixed a number of Combat Check Failed errors regarding standard Troop Armies
  • Fixed a handful of issues that can cause Replays to be off (Please note this is an ongoing process)
  • Fixed an issue with Treasure Xs that only visually showed their shadow
  • Fixed an issue preventing some Players from earning the Plains of Glory Completion Achievement
  • Diamond count now visually updates when getting the League Diamonds (The Diamonds were always given out)
  • Completing the Cursed Kingdom Campaign will now properly award the Achievement
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Log is incorrect between switching Accounts


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