Forum Rules

The main goal of Uservoice is to provide constructive feedback and vote on the most important changes in order to improve Greed for Glory in the best ways possible! To promote a positive community that works towards this goal, it is necessary for everyone to give their feedback in a way that does not hurt either the game or the overall community by following a few rules.


We reserve the right to modify or remove posts that we deem to violate any of the following rules. If repeated offenses are incurred by the same user, further actions can be taken. This may include, but is not limited to, decreased access or a complete ban from Uservoice. We absolutely encourage feedback and discussion amongst the Greed for Glory community, but it must remain a safe place where everyone is working towards improving the game and can feel comfortable posting.


All posters should read the rules and follow them when commenting and posting Ideas:

  1. We will not tolerate unnecessarily negative comments pointed at a community member, a community group, Greed for Glory, or PerBlue itself. This includes, but is not limited to, personal attacks, rude/insulting posts, or harassment.
  2. As this is a family-friendly game, we will not tolerate any content or posts that would be seen as inappropriate for a younger audience. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual, vulgar, or discriminatory language.
  3. Do not attempt to represent or speak on behalf of PerBlue or claim to know what actions PerBlue will take without linking to an official response. At the same time, do not impersonate another member of the community or PerBlue staff.
  4. Uservoice is meant for Greed for Glory related content only. Do not discuss other topics within Uservoice. Do not use Uservoice to promote third party products, sites, games, or services.
  5. Do not report the same problem multiple times. Please keep all comments related to a single request in the same thread. We carefully view all Uservoice discussions and will address the issue as we see fit.
  6. Do not falsely “vote” your topic to the top (i.e. voting with fake accounts). If your post is seen as important to the community, it will naturally rise to the top. You are, however, fully encouraged to promote your posts to fellow players to gather votes.


In order to promote a positive feedback environment, PerBlue Staff retains the right to edit posts, delete posts, or ban users not following these rules. Moderation decisions are final.


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