Update 2.1 Notes

Update 2.1: Saves, Balances, and Bug fixes (11/24/14)


Improved Saving Balances and Treasure Rewards
Rebalanced Training Times, Barracks Production, and Boost Rate
Added Season Ending Reminder pop-up
Tons of Bug Fixes


Save Balances and Treasure Rewards

Saving your Empire members has been improved!

  • Your Titan levels will not scale down based on the difficult of the opponent you are defending against. Your Titans will maintain the level that they are no matter how easy the opponent is.
  • The accuracy of the skulls has improved to better reflect the difficulty of the save
  • You now can get up to 5 Treasures per save. You receive a treasure for each increase in skull difficulty; 5 Skulls = 5 Treasures
  • Your Titans will now sleep after a save so make them count!


Rebalanced Training Times

In Update 2.0, we increased Troop train times to appeal to different types of players. We realized that the resulting changes were more extreme than intended and have made several more adjustments. The impact that we want this change to have is so Titan Empires appeals to all kinds of players - Casual players who don't want to feel like they have to play the game many times a day and more Hardcore players that really enjoy playing often and competing for top Master Rank spots.


  • Troop train time for max level troops has decreased from 1.5 hours to 1 hour
  • Troop train times for new players has decreased from 30 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Barracks boosting now doubles troop production


Bug Fixes and more bug fixes!

Bug fixes were a main focus of this update. We went through the most significant issues and worked hard to get as many of them into this update as possible. While we have made many stability improvements this will continue to be a focus as more and more features get added. 


  • Players will more quickly receive their purchased Diamonds
  • Various issues with Saves have been fixed
  • A number of crashes and freezes have been fixed (We're always fixing more!)
  • Chat notifications no longer disappear if you leave the game
  • Fixed a number of Push Notifications
  • Moving Buildings and Walls is now much easier
  • Fixed the "Defend 5 in a Row" Achievement
  • The game's performance and stability has been improved on a number of devices


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