Update 2.0 Notes

Update 2.0: New Titan, Troops, Defenses, and more! (11/18/14)



  • New Titan: Scarlet, the Lotus Warrior!
  • 2 New Troops: Hammersmith and Dragon
  • 2 New Towers: Skyward and Dwarven Tower
  • Two new Keep Levels: 8 and 9
  • More War Academy research levels
  • Added Barracks Boosting
  • New Treasure System
  • Ability to buy Titanite with Diamonds
  • Gold and Stone rewards for partial Keep damage
  • Online Shield added
  • Ranking is unaffected by War
  • Numerous bug fixes


New Titan: Scarlet, the Lotus Warrior
This graceful warrior uses her amazing sword skills and deadly lotus flowers to devastate enemy Cities.

Special abilities:

  • Normal Skill: Flying Lotus
    A passive ability that slowly summons Lotus Flowers that circle around Scarlet and deal damage to surrounding buildings.
  • Rare Skill: Deadly Blossoms
    An active ability that sends out half of her summoned Lotus Flowers to a specific target, dealing damage to all buildings along the way.
  • Epic Skill: Blooming Strike
    A passive ability that increases critical chance and adds a Lotus Flower whenever a critical strike is achieved.
  • Legendary Skill: Fatale Fury
    An active ability that consumes all of Scarlet’s Lotus Flowers to create a giant explosion around her. Damage increases with each Flower that is consumed.


2 New Troops

  • Hammersmith - Dwarven Hammersmiths’ impressive hammer swinging strength causes every third attack to ripple through defenses dealing their attack damage in a line. Every third attack does damage to building surrounding them.
  • Dragon - These flying spitfires move swiftly across the battlefield reducing any structure they find to ash. Dragons are an aerial attacking unit.

2 New Towers

  • Skyward - Anti-Air - The skyward is the paramount defensive structure for defending against air raids but cannot target ground units. When fortified, it gains a small splash radius
  • Dwarven Tower - Armor Shredder - The dwarven Tower weakens the defenses of both land and airborne raiders making them vulnerable, increasing the damage they receive from all sources and when fortified reduces healing by 75%


2 New Keep Levels
Keep levels 8 and 9 have been added which means there are a ton of new upgrades available

Upgrades available:

  • Gold Mine
  • Stone Quarry
  • Gold Storage
  • Stone Storage
  • Barracks
  • Army Camp
  • War Academy
  • Empire Castle
  • Cannon
  • Archer Tower
  • Walls
  • Water
  • Catapult
  • Lightning Tower
  • Fireball Tower


Barracks Boosting
You can now boost your Barracks and Quadruple Unit training speeds for 60 minutes with 10 Diamonds.


Essence Balances
Essence storage has been changed to match the play style of different players. Active players will be able to collect essence more often and more casual players will be able to store more essence at a time.

  • Storage Capacity for Essence Storage has been increased
  • Essence Mill storage and rate has been decreased slightly
  • Titan and Troop Sleep and Train times have been adjusted to balance these changes
  • Essence has been simplified to only be used for finishing Troops and waking Titans


New Treasure System
The Treasure packages are the same but have been renamed to make their distinction clearer.

  • Common Treasure: May contain Normal, Rare, or Epic Items or Titans
  • Superior Treasure: May contain Rare, Epic, or Legendary Items or Titans
  • The Treasure Screen has been revamped to highlight this

Superior Treasure has been reduced in price and larger packages are available now:

  • 1 Superior Treasure Package: 125 Diamonds
  • 10 Superior Treasures Package: 975 Diamonds
  • 35 Superior Treasures Package: 2,500 Diamonds (Biggest Discount)


Buying Titanite with Diamonds
Titanite can now directly be bought with Diamonds. You can use this Titanite to both level up and buy new Titans.

  • 1,000 Titanite Pouch: 125 Diamonds
  • 5,000 Titanite Pile: 500 Diamonds
  • 20,000 Titanite Stash: 1,500 Diamonds
  • 75,000 Titanite Motherload: 4,000 Diamonds


Online Shield added
Players who are online will have a shield and can not be raided while online. This shield will last a maximum of 4 hours per day. War attacks are unaffected by this shield.


Ranking is Unaffected by War
In order to protect players from losing Ranks while Warring and being attacked by high ranked players, Ranking will no longer be impacted by War attacks and defenses. This keeps Wars and Raiding as separate rewards systems and protect players from being negatively impacted by participating in Wars.


More Raiding Rewards
You will now receive resource rewards in addition to Titanite for partially destroying a Keep. As a defender you, will still only lose resources if an attacker completely destroys your Keep; partial damage will result in the loss of resources for the defender. Once 50% of the possible resources are stolen the defender is given a resource shield.



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