Why do I Have so many Greed for Glory Apps?

Once Expansion Apps are downloaded and unlocked, you may remove them from your device.

On certain occasions, when large updates are released, we release them in the form of Expansion Packs. Examples include Greed for Glory: Dragon Cities, Greed for Glory: Final Dawn, and Greed for Glory: Elder Magicks. These Expansions serve as a method of unlocking the new content on your device. For the trouble, we automatically add 50 Diamonds to your account. Please note, that these Diamonds are added instantly, without any action to collect them on your part.

As soon as the new content and Diamonds are unlocked, you are completely free to remove the new Expansion and free up space on your device. All content unlocked will stick around even if you remove one of the specific Expansion Apps. The only App that's required to play Greed for Glory is the core App, Greed for Glory: War Strategy.


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