Update 1.5 Notes

Update 1.5: New Titan: Shank, New Grandmaster Ranking System, and More! (11/04/14)



  • New Titan: Shank, the Goblin Assassin
  • Added Resource and Star Shields to protect player
  • Grandmaster Ranking System has been improved with Crowns
  • Improved Titan Skill visuals and particle effects
  • Fun City interactions! Tap for jumping Titans, rippling waters, and much more!


New Titan: Shank, the Goblin Assassin
This dark and sneaky Titan specializes in dealing Critical Strikes to enemy defenses with his razor sharp-daggers.

Special abilities:

  • Normal Skill: Wicked Blades
    An active ability that sends daggers outward towards surrounding defenses
  • Rare Skill: Malice
    A passive ability that increases Shank’s chance for Critical Strikes after each attack
  • Epic Skill: Razor’s Edge
    An active ability that greatly increases Shank’s Critical Strike chance and damage
  • Legendary Skill: Ricochet
    A passive ability that causes Shank’s daggers to bounce off their initial hit and strike other nearby buildings; combines it with Wicked Blades for tons of destruction!


Star Shields and Master Ranking Revamp
The Ranking and Attack system has been revamped to protect players from too many lost resources and increase the importance of upgrading defenses.

  • Players are given a hidden Shield after getting attacked to protect them from losing more Ranks and Resources
  • Players can only lose Resources from attacks every 12 hours
  • Master Players can lose Stars for defenses lost, but this effect is limited by Star Shields
  • The lower your Rank, the more protection you have against losing Stars, making it easier to climb the lower ranks and a challenge for those working to be the best of the best!
  • Star Shield Durations:
    • Wood: 12 hours
    • Stone: 8 hours
    • Bronze: 4 hours
    • Silver: 2 hours
    • Gold: 1 hour


Grandmaster Ranking Revamp
The Grandmaster Ranking system has been revamped to make player progress more clear and competing for the top spots more exciting!

  • Grandmaster players now collect Crowns with each defeat of another Grandmaster or Master Level Gold 1 or 2
  • Grandmasters can lose a Crown that they previously gained if the player that they defeated for that Crown defeats them in a subsequent Battle
  • Grandmasters can always be attacked for Crowns but still only lose resources from attacks every 12 hours
  • Every Season, players in Grandmaster will start out with 0 Crowns and can fight their way to the top in this much clearer system!


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