Earn Free Diamonds: Missing Diamonds from the free offer wall (TapJoy)

There can be a small delay on TapJoy’s end when an Offer is completed to when they confirm the Offer as completed to us, and the Diamonds are credited to your Account.

If you are still waiting for your Diamonds to be credited you will need to contact Tapjoy by taking the following steps:

  1. Tap on Earn Diamonds in-game
  2. On the bottom of the Offer Wall page, tap on the link named 'Missing Diamonds?'
  3. Tapjoy has explained to us that they review all support requests received, and that they can usually handle them within a business day or two.
  4. If you find that you are not receiving any responses from Tapjoy regarding this issue after a few business days, please contact our support in-app by tapping on the ‘?’ button, to access the help menu, then tap on ‘Payment’
  5. Please provide your open Tapjoy ticket number and the exact offer that you completed


IMPORTANT:  TapJoy has stated, if you reply to your open ticket before TapJoy replies, your ticket will be pushed to the back of their queue. It is important that you wait for a reply from one of their representatives. 


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