My game crashes often. What should I do?

We consistently monitor crashes on our end to make sure the game play experience is optimal for everyone. However, If you are experiencing problems while playing Titan Empires it is usually related to your device.

You can take the following steps to try to reduce these issues from occurring:

  1. Please make sure you downloaded the app from the app store to ensure that you are playing on the most recent up to date version of the application.
  2. Make sure that your version of Android is up to date by checking for software updates in your device’s settings
  3. Free up device memory by closing apps that are running in the background (you will need to ‘Force Stop’ or ‘Stop’ these apps in the app manager)
  4. Free up storage memory by uninstalling unwanted apps
  5. For an optimal experience please make sure your device has at least 1GB of RAM


If you are still encountering crashes, you can help us by reporting in when you experience a crash so that we can look further into why this occurred.

If you are able to access the application please report the issue using the ‘?’ button, to access the Help menu, then tap on ‘Other’ and submit the issue you encountered. 


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