I saw a prompt saying someone else logged into my account?

Your city might be accessed from other devices if someone else acquires your Game Center/Apple ID, Google+ credentials, or Email/Password that is connected to your Titan Empires Account. As we do not have access to your personal data, we cannot restrict other players from logging into your account.

This can also occur if your device does not have a unique way of identifying itself. Please contact us through the in-game support options to have us look further into your account/device. 


Signs that your account may have been accessed by other players:

  • You get the message "Another device has logged in for this player" while playing the game
  • You constantly have less gold and stone than you had before logging out, even though you have not been attacked
  • Your upgrades have been cancelled
  • Your Diamonds are disappearing in the game, and you have not spent them
  • The layout of your city has changed


How to ensure your account will be safe from other player's use:

  • Please make sure to never give out any of your personal information while playing Titan Empires.
  • Please do not log into other people's devices with your Apple ID/Game Center account, Google+, or Email.
  • PerBlue employees will NEVER ask for your personal information




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